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I have a reasonable DVD collection - 1083 movies, 8 mini-series and part or all of 44 series. However, as I have recently moved overseas, these are no longer on shelves in my apartment (as per the pictures elsewhere on this site). At the moment they're stored in boxes (hence the 2 letter codes such as "D1" indicating the boxes which they are in).

Here you can also find some hints about what to do if you buy a DVD and the store forgets to remove the "red tag" security device.


DVD - Region 1:

DVDs - Region 4, Movies:

DVDs - Region 4, Mini-Series:

DVDs - Region 4, Series:

DVDs - Demo - Region 4 (ie, I don't have these by choice):

On order:

Not yet stored with the other DVDs:

My "must get" list: