Some pictures of my San Jose apartment and my car.

As you can see, I have a lot of use for a fridge.
Washer and dryer. In unit! Can be hard to find in this area.
Shower tap thing. There's no speed control. Turn the lever left until you reach the desired temperature (test using bath outlet), then use the button on the bath outlet to start the shower. Seems to be the standard around here.
First wardrobe.
Second wardrobe.
Coat closet. They sure love their built in clothes storage around here.
My only piece of furniture so far, a bed.
View from my balcony (and towards the mountains).
Some common facilities as seen from my balcony - seating and BBQ.
The only lighting for my lounge room. They live their lamps in living areas.
One of three lights in the kitchen. The bathroom is also well-lit.
No more lights to be seen in the lounge room.
And no lights in the bedroom, for that matter.
Everybody in America needs an ice maker. Usually on the front of their fridge. This one is more discreet, but still there.
Another popular local trend - the microwave with built-in fan and cooking light, mounted above the stove.
Apart from the bed, I'm a little sparse on furniture right now. That is, I have none.
The next common area across (there are dozens of these common areas throughout the North Park apartment complex, which is massive).
Satellite dishes seem to be rather ubiquitous on west-facing balconies.
Entrance area and pool for The Laurels at North Park. Each North Park community has its own leasing office and facilities.
My car - top up.
My car - top down.
A closer look.