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Here at the moment:

   diff-1.1.15-1.1.15.ucs         UCS squid patch.  disables UDP logging
                                  at compile time if the appropriate
                                  #define is set.  adds a flexible
                                  "DELAY_HACK" compile time option and
                                  relevant configuration options to
                                  limit the bandwidth by specific users,
                                  child caches, etc, in a flexible and
                                  configurable way.  moves two debug messages
                                  from level 1 to level 2 which is useful to
                                  ignore having yourself as a neighbour in
                                  multicast ICP.  by David Luyer, concepts
                                  from CNS (Murdoch).

   diff-1.1.15-1.1.15.ucs.2       Isn't here - I missed uploading it.
                                  It had the peer persistancy stuff but not
                                  the extra configuration for DELAY_HACK.
                                  Use the following diff instead, the
                                  delay stuff is all configurable and can be

   diff-1.1.15-1.1.15.ucs.3       The same, only with one more configuration
                                  option and cleaned up code.  Also has code
                                  which makes it more resiliant to peers
                                  refusing a connection - it takes 10 connects
                                  being refused before a peer is marked dead,
                                  so you aren't left stranded for 80 seconds
                                  just because a parent cache refused one
                                  connect (it retries after one connect has
                                  dropped and if that succeeds promotes the
                                  peer back to a fresh 10 retries permitted).

   1.1.x-diffs                    UCS squid patches for older versions of

If you're still using this stuff you should REALLY consider an upgrade to
Squid 2.2 or later.

David Luyer