Cyllene's big change

Three graphs showing the change in disk i/o rates, especially writes, just after the switch from qpopper to cucipop. The first one is probably the most dramatic, showing the massive drop in writes (due to there being no "pop_dropcopy" rountine), but the second one shows that there is a good reduction in disk reads too (maybe due to improved disk caching, or maybe something cucipop is doing better). The third one, over a longer period of time, shows that the amount of disk read throughput on the home drives also halved, due to improved efficiency of disk caching. UWA's cucipop now includes other customizations such as the UWA fast passwd lookup scheme "pwcache" (which the installed qpopper was already using) and a special encouragement scheme to keep mailboxes small consisting of automated reminder emails on each check of a mailbox over 1Mb and a delay of 10sec/Mb which is mentioned in this email and inserted just after the "PASS" command is processed, as well as having had qpopper's APOP database code merged into it for drop-in compatibility with qpopper.
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