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As you've probably gathered by now, I am David Luyer. Some further details about me can be found below, if you're interested.

Birthdate 4th of March 1977 (Pisces, Year of the Fire Snake)
Home In Perth - High Beach, Cottesloe
In San Jose - Downtown San Jose
Work Google, Inc
Employee from January 2007
Pacific Internet (Australia)
Chief Network Architect from Feburary 2004 to December 2006
Network Development Manager from January 2002
(including System Engineering from March 2003)
Network Manager from October 2001
Engineering Projects Manager from January 2001
Senior Network Engineer from March 2000
Network Engineer from October 1999
UWA University Computing Services
Systems/Network Adminstrator from March 1996
Industry Certification CCIE # 15059 (online verification)
University BCM (Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Sciences) at The University of Western Australia; during my degree I learned a great deal at the UWA University Computer Club, and graduated by external study at The University of Melbourne
DipB (Diploma of Business) through Swinburne University as part of my work at Pacific Internet
Earlier Study I entered University in 1994, a year younger than most, due to my study at Swanbourne SHS where I completed high school in 4 years, completing 14 TEE subjects in my last 2 years with straight A grades
Mobile Phone +61 4 1111 BYTE - SMS only
Journal livejournal: luyer

By now most of the software I developed at UWA has been retired. The web interface to the UCC Drink Machine still remains.

While I was at the university, I also contributed to various free software projects, notably bringing PoPToP (pptp daemon for Linux) to maturity, implementing delay pools (originally "delay hack") code in squid, selective relay debugging in WINE, patches for heaps of projects and a variety of small packages found elsewhere on this site.

Unfortunately I am currently generally unable to contribute to free software projects due to time constraints, but I hope I will be able to contribute again sometime in the future.