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Welcome to my picture gallery. Here you can find a number of pictures of me over time, and some other pictures in the same collections.


Here's some new pictures of my house and car (1, 2, 3).

See this livejournal post for a few of pictures in Monterey, including one of me, and some pictures of the Wal-mart Supercenter in Gilroy.

In October, I proposed to Nicole. (See the link for a picture of her on the night.) Just recently, I purchased a scanned and put the recent pictures I had in a non-digital form online, including the picture from just after I proposed.


As mentioned in my livejournal, I've moved to the USA! Here's some pictures of my apartment and my car (February).

I now have some more stuff in my apartment. Not furniture of course. I'm pondering if Google bean bags would make a decent substitute for furniture (February).

And some more beer, this one with caffeine, ginseng and guarana extract. I also brought across from Australia with me SOHO lychee liqueur. Of Kwai Feh and Paraiso (in the 2005 pictures below), Kwai Feh was a strong preference, but I'll see how SOHO goes compared to those two (March).

In the USA, everything is disposable. Even credit card numbers. For example, buy a cell phone, get a "mail-in rebate". Jump through hoops. Rebate turns up in the form of VISA card with $50 credit -- and don't bother trying to use it, it's already empty (April).

Here's some recent pictures of me. Glasses, contacts, beard, no beard (April).

Seen in a shop window. They really like politicians in San Francisco (April).

Gumball Pinball! As seen in Pizz'a Chicago, San Jose. The various holes are labelled "win" and "lose", and there's a replay button at the bottom, and flippers on either side (April).

Halloween is a big thing over here (it's not just a night, it's a whole week), so I was eventually convinced to pick up a last minute costume and go to a party or two.

Note: There are still many 2005/2006 pictures, which I haven't had the time to sort through and upload yet. Hopefully soon! :-)


My DVD collection has grown (1, 2, 3) (December). It grows all the time but I realised the only picture I had here was much smaller.

A view from my balcony (November). Yes, it has changed to a view of neon lights.

Here's some photos from a quick trip to the Grampians (September). Including one or two of me.

A few items from my liquor cabinet - Paraiso and Kwai Feh Lychee Liqueurs and Spirytus, a drink with some real alcohol content (various months).

Damn. Someone needs to learn to drive -- and its not me this time (April).

My sensible car (February). I decided to replace the Sera with something a bit more practical, at least until I'm off my P's.


Oops. I write off my Toyota Sera on Boxing Day -- and get my license on the next working day.

Me (October).

The Pacific Internet team at Richmond Rowing Club ERGOthon 2004 corporate challenge. And taking a rest (September).

I visit Thailand from time to time, and in 2004 I took quite a few pictures and put a small number online. I'm in some of them, such as parasailing, relaxing at Ao Nang, Ao Nang again, at Wat Po and with a snake. There's also a nice sunset while I was on Koh Phi Phi (July-August).

Pacific Internet MDP (DipB) 2004 graduates, including myself (May).

My first time wearing a tie. And again up closer (April).


In Perth, for friend and former flatmate David Basden's wedding (November).

With my flatmates; Saskia and I, and Saskia, Eveline and I (October). Also, all three of us with some of my DVDs (November).

Annual Pacific Internet Engineering and Network Ops meeting (July).

Equinix Sydney Peering Forum (June).

Graduation (1st April), including my parents.


Back home in Perth; one scary, one not (April).


UCC 25th Anniversary (July); I am in the VP's and Secretaries (no link, I don't like the picture). And those aren't nametags, they're random "pronouncable" passwords to be used instead of names.

In Thailand, south of Bangkok, a decent picture of me (January).


Not quite me (from a hate site).

Passport photos, student cards, and so on (1989 - 1998). These were scanned at 600dpi, and lated comined to form an animated GIF.


UCC 1997 AGM (March). I'm in the white shirt near the middle at the back (as I was 1996 VP) in one or two of them. Theres also a rather poor shot of me coming back into the room after one of the elections.


UCC Wheel pictures (mid/late 1996), off the UCC web site. I'd shaved my beard, but unfortunately hadn't slept.


UCC 21st (late 1995). I'm wearing yellow, in glasses and with a beard, if you don't know how I looked like back then.

Coke machine stuff (mid 1995), such as a picture of Nick and I.

Shenton park (mid 1995). I'm in the picture of everyone.

Three pictures (early/mid 1995) off the UCC ftp site. Me included.