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"checker" is a perl script used for network service monitoring at UWA.  It
'talks to' a number of services and reports on any faults.  Can be run from
cron or on a console, output is both to a terminal device and e-mail (but
since it's perl, modifying it to send SMS is not very hard).

"erpcd-talker" is a couple of minimal programs to talk to an erpcd to verify
a username/password and ask for an IP address.  This code has been integrated
into pppd at UWA where it is used for authentication of PPTP with PoPToP
under Linux.  Also in this directory is a small fake ftp daemon which acts
as an authentication gateway for FTP -> erpcd for some Mac programs which
check a username and password via FTP.  It should be improved to have a
SIGALRM timeout in the case of both the FTPd and the pppd patches, but I
haven't done this.

"m-to-n" is a perl script to gateway mail to a news group.  It does some things
others don't to make sure messages don't get rejected for reasons like being
a followup without references, bad line count, duplicate message-id, bad
message-id, missing subject, etc.

"routers-snmp" contains a local program to do SNMP monitoring of routers and
terminal servers, as well as monitoring BusLogic IO stats via ssh.  This needs
a little work at present, but is a good starting point if you want to do this
kind of thing.  It is currently being used at UWA to maintain disk IO graphs.

"shm_program" is a couple of small programs to maintain a file in shared memory
and allow client objects to read it.  This makes use of system V shared memory
(aka SYSVSHM) and dynamic libraries (dlopen et al), and has been developed
under Linux but should work under similar OSs implementing these features.
Not included at this point is an interactive directory system used at UWA
which is simply a dynamic module which this loads, but this may be added later
if I find the time to publish the relevant parts of the work I did on the UWA
Whois and Directory System.

"squid" contains various squid patches mostly related to delay pools.

"strobe-classb" is a small simple network scanner and a perl script which
uses it to search for open e-mail relays.  This is for Linux only at present
and prefers Linux 2.0.36 or 2.0.37, but will work on appropriately tuned
Linux 2.2.8 or later.  Also in this directory is a little script to fix a bug
in the sendmail relaying prevention on RedHat Linux 5.0 to 5.2.

"tn3270" is tn3270 made to work with glibc on Debian Linux, since I couldn't
find a good working copy elsewhere.

David Luyer