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This is contains a local program to do SNMP monitoring of routers and
terminal servers, as well as monitoring BusLogic IO stats via ssh.  This
needs a little work at present, but is a good starting point if you want
to do this kind of thing.  It is currently being used at UWA to maintain
disk IO graphs.  The dialup usage graphs and interface graphs are now being
maintained by MRTG.

This requires the perl module SNMP-1.7 or later, which in turn
requires the UCD SNMP library 3.3.1 or later.

Earlier versions are known to work with the perl module SNMP-1.6
and the CMU SNMP library 3.4 (note - earlier than this is
seriously flawed and should never be used to talk to a Cisco

The most recent release of the UCD SNMP Libray can be found at:

The most recent release of the Perl5/SNMP module can be found at:

David Luyer